RDS Stadium – Sport Arena

The RDS Stadium is a multifunctional and flexible venue with technological equipment and ideal spaces to cater for numerous types of events.
This characteristic makes it an ideal place to organise both major events, such as congresses, conventions, fairs, sports competitions and concerts (it can hold up to 7.000people) and smaller events such as meetings, workshops, receptions or banquets.

How to reach the RDS stadium
The RDS Stadium is situated in Rimini, 3 km from the historical centre and offers many parking spaces (up to 1100 spaces) allowing one to easily reach the building by car.
RDS stadium, situated in south Rimini is easily reachable by:
Auto car – Motorway A14, exit Rimini South
Trains – Rimini train station
Bus – by using the public transport one can reach the stadium even from the town centre or the countryside.

RDS Stadium – the Buldings
Central arena: its dimensions are 64×33 m ; 24.20 h. The central arena can be configured in many different ways, based on the necessities of the events that take place.

Exposition areas: 3 open space exposition areas are linked to the central arena, and can also be used for catering (1 area, 600 square metres; 2 areas, 400square metres).

Other areas: Reception and secretary area, cloakroom area, 2 bars, 4 toilette areas, catering and exposition area, 3 offices, reserved first aid area, firemen office reserved, dressing rooms (first floor, south west side), star dressing room (with private bathroom), other dressing rooms (with private bathroom), 2 bathrooms, referees changing rooms with baths and showers. Press offices anti doping office.
Building A (north side):first floor: room (600 square metres),
toilets, external access to the second ring north side.
Building B (east side): first floor (400 square metres) with 2 toilets, external access to the second ring east side. Second floor (400 square metres) with 2 toilets, external access from the first floor.

RDS Stadium
Parking space and technical services

Public parking (350 car parks), guarded, with access from two roads private parking area behind the stage for trainers and opposite teams various fenced parking spaces on the south side area (next to the dressing and changing rooms)
External areas: rears areas which can be used for catering or placing gazebos, meetings and/or other both, in summer and in winter.
Technical services
Lighting : 2000 LUX
General lighting with various computerised function
Electrical panel for shows 200 KW of power to use for the sound and lights.
Sounds system
Maxi Vision spread PA 152 controlled by digital processor MACKE

RDS Stadium
Plan of the Sport Arena: 5001 seats