Half day tours

Gradara – 20 km
The ancient town is characterized by a double line of medieval walls and by the massive Castle, one of the best preserved in Italy. It is famous as being the location of the episode of Paolo and Francesca described by Dante Alighieri in the V Canto of his Inferno.

San Leo – 30 km
San Leo was an ecclesiastical stronghold in the early 8th century. In the town below the fortress, the 9th century parish church, built in the form of a basilica, stands in front of the larger 12th century cathedral, each of which contain notable examples of early sculpture, including columns dating back to the Roman period.

Urbino – 60 km
UNESCO World Heritage Site, notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture, specially under the patronage of its then duke, Federico da Montefeltro . The city hosts the University of Urbino, founded in 1564, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Urbino. Its best known architectural piece is the Palazzo Ducale.