Exploring the Riviera

The Rimini Riviera is Italy’s pleasure capital, and pleasure takes many aspects here: a day on the beach, a moonlight dinner on a luxury yacht, a jazz café, a festival in a hill town or the pulsing lights of a discotheque. The Riviera has more theme parks than anywhere else in Italy or even Europe.

If you are interested in art, architecture or archaeology, you will be amazed at the attractions offered by larger and smaller towns alike. With an exceptional range of museums, theatres, ballet and concerts to choose from, the cultural life of the region is alive and thriving.

…top class cuisine, with a traditional atmosphere
In Rimini the food service, the venues and the atmosphere are simple yet refined. Every table has the not-to-be-missed piadina, the thin, unleavened bread, a local specialty that has soon become part of gourmet eating habits. Then there’s grilled fish, local cold-cuts, cheeses from the surrounding countryside and excellent wines.

…fashion and shopping
Shopping is of the finest quality – not only in the elegant boutiques in the old towns and along the main avenues, but also at the various clothing and footwear company outlets, open to the general public, where one can find all the major brand-names at convenient prices.

Craft shops offer unusual and completely authentic products such as printing on cloth, rust-printed fabrics and pottery in traditional shapes and colors, all hand-made and cooked in wood-burning ovens.

…sports and wellness
Fitness, wellness and psychophysical equilibrium are familiar concepts here: aerobics, spas, beach sports and countryside activities. The inland area offers golf courses, horse riding, trekking and cycle tourism. And let’s not forget swimming, sailing, fresh air and all the other opportunities offered by the biggest gymnasium of all: the sea.